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Construkt Festival Fact-sheet

March 19, 2014

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festival 1.             Lets start with the basics. What exactly is the Construkt Festival? It’s a festive conference. It’s a space where we take the ‘serious learning’ of a conference and marry that to the ‘Informal festive atmosphere’ of a musical concert to give you a Festive Conference. What you get is a platform where the informal spirit allows you to chat with your neighbor, conversations are easy and flip-flops mandatory. Content has been curated to target entrepr...

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Crawl Factsheet

March 18, 2014

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festivals crawls. 1.         So what is a crawl? A crawl is chance to meet some amazing startups, companies, cafes, design houses and engage with them at their spaces and hear their stories. We have over 40 companies, across the spaces of Culinary, Design, Social Impact and Technology willing to engage with you and share personal details of how they made it up the ladder of success. Detailed list of crawl companies is here-...

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3D Printing, the new era

March 8, 2014

We are witnessing the onset of a new era where everything is compared to the real life experience. The closer to reality the better. We have been bombarded with the concept of 3D since the movie AVATAR hit the theatres. Then from the big screen, the 3D fanfare moved towards the TVs and then we have the 3D pen called the 3Doodler which brings alive our imagination and transcribes them into actual physical representations. This may just sound fun, but it’s also a gateway to a whole new range of possibilities. (mo...

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The Great Big Tech Gap

March 7, 2014

Great Big Tech Gap Jeff Hammerbacher, of Facebook fame, was quoted that “the best minds of [our] generation are thinking about how to make people click ads [and] that sucks." And boy, does it suck. Ask any recent graduate here in Bangalore what their dream job is and the answer is usually either Google or Facebook. Nobody wants...

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Like a rolling stone

March 7, 2014

In conversation with the young artist, touted to have the best comic timing in town – Kenneth Sebastian. Tucking his hair behind his ears, his curly locks fall just above his shoulders. As I take a look at Kenneth Sebastian’s studio, he casually picks up his guitar, humming a tune I haven’t heard before. There’s something distinct about this room that I can’t quite put my finger on. While a painting hangs on the farthest end of the wall, a Macintosh sits with rushes of his latest film waiting to be edited on his table. But it’s the comic books that have caught my attention....

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Our Design Community

February 28, 2014

Design is the ability to visualise things that are not yet and bring them into being. It is the power to visualize creation. Design sits perched at the cusp of science and art. Today, design gurus have created subjects like design thinking that blends in empathy, creativity and rationality to our perspective But at the core what is design?

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