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Some Wisdom from a Serial Entrepreneur

March 8, 2014

Kingsley Joseph is a startup enthusiast who has put his efforts into Digital Chocolate, TripThirsty, BiteMe and SalesForce. When I asked him to name one thing he liked about Startup Festival last year, he said, “I loved the Zumba y’all made us do last year!” A bright smile ensued. Always one to appreciate a good crowd, he says the high point of his Startup Festival experience were the networking sessions and the crowd interactions. TripThirsty is a travel wish-listing and deals portal for groups online. This free and open directory of treks, hikes and other adventure activities is one ...

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How to Transition from Building a Product to Building a Business

March 7, 2014

You have a product or service you believe will deliver utility to consumers. Now, you only have to start offering it in the marketplace and watch the money roll in. While the path from product development to developing a business around it may be straightforward, getting there is no small feat. You are no longer operating in isolation, but preparing to jostle for space among competing businesses. It's time to think and act like an entrepreneur. And it all starts with preparing for the journey... Know what it ta...

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