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10 Qualities That Culinary Entrepreneurs Have in Common

March 16, 2014

So you know a lot about food, are aware of ingredients from around the world, have a great set of knives and forks and are ready to conquer the culinary world. But do you have what all culinary entrepreneurs have in common? Find out now!

  • The love for food
Obvious? Yes. Worthless? No. Love for ...

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March 7, 2014

We are used to going online and ordering food from restaurants. We are certainly not used to seeing homemade food sold online - giving all those undiscovered chefs at home a chance to cook and sell food at their convenience, without going through the hassles of setting up a restaurant. You can see all this and more on Imly - what Airbnb did to hotel industry, they want to do it to the food industry! “I used to tell my mom that if she started selling the food she made for us she would make a fortune. That made me realize that she probably is not the only one o...

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Why Culinary?

February 28, 2014

If there is one community that’s forever changing, growing and reflecting where a society is heading it’s the space of culinary. From super markets to the fine dining experiences in a 5 star, from the neighbourhood café to the vegetable cart seller – a huge transition redifining food has hit India.

A transition that has impacted every single stakeholder in the eco system. Organic farming is gradually changing the farming landscape. Food processing has altered the kinds of packaged food available. Supe...

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