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3 fictional characters who teach us valuable entrepreneurial lessons

March 16, 2014

  • Lateral thinking and capitalizing on the scenario - Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter franchise):
Fred and George always displayed a flair for practical joke objects, much to their mother’s apprehension. Finally, they get funded by Harry who gave them his Triwizard Tournament earnings as their startup capital. These twins are J.K. Rowling’s instrument for depicting the power of humour in the most dire of situations. It’s quite inspiring really, how these boys capitalize on the You-Know-Who fear doing the rounds. They open a J...

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Confessions from a Technical Head at a Media Startup

March 10, 2014

TheMediaAnt is about an year and a half old startup based out of Bangalore dealing in the media industry. It's basically an online sales channel for media owners while at the same time a discovery platform, infact a marketplace for the advertisers who are mostly small and medium enterprises. You can read a lot about the philosophies and the problem that we're trying to solve on  Read More

Meeting Ridingo

February 28, 2014

Meeting with Mr. Vardhan Koshal, Co-founder of Ridingo Launchpad Alumini - 2013 A vibrant man with an easy flowing conversational style, there’s nothing not to like about Vardhan. Confident, articulate and wise, its evident that his tryst with entrepreneurial adversities and triumphs have left a mark. 1.  The pre-LaunchPad story? Vardhan was troubled by the shortcomings and ...

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