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Confessions from a Technical Head at a Media Startup

March 10, 2014

TheMediaAnt is about an year and a half old startup based out of Bangalore dealing in the media industry. It's basically an online sales channel for media owners while at the same time a discovery platform, infact a marketplace for the advertisers who are mostly small and medium enterprises. You can read a lot about the philosophies and the problem that we're trying to solve on  Read More

3D Printing, the new era

March 8, 2014

We are witnessing the onset of a new era where everything is compared to the real life experience. The closer to reality the better. We have been bombarded with the concept of 3D since the movie AVATAR hit the theatres. Then from the big screen, the 3D fanfare moved towards the TVs and then we have the 3D pen called the 3Doodler which brings alive our imagination and transcribes them into actual physical representations. This may just sound fun, but it’s also a gateway to a whole new range of possibilities. (mo...

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The Great Big Tech Gap

March 7, 2014

Great Big Tech Gap Jeff Hammerbacher, of Facebook fame, was quoted that “the best minds of [our] generation are thinking about how to make people click ads [and] that sucks." And boy, does it suck. Ask any recent graduate here in Bangalore what their dream job is and the answer is usually either Google or Facebook. Nobody wants...

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Maraa: This is what change ‘sounds’ like

March 7, 2014

A young media and arts collective, Maraa is transforming the way people consume Community Radio. Here they talk about their ideas, their work and the problems that they’ve faced, convincing people that the right to speech is as important as any other fundamental right. 1.  How was Maraa conceptualized? While conceptualizing the organization, we had three simple ideas in mind:

  1. We need to walk our talk – so we must start an urban community radio station. A radio station that broadcasts philosophy and literature with as much ease as ...

    Read More is your answer to homemade food

March 7, 2014

We are used to going online and ordering food from restaurants. We are certainly not used to seeing homemade food sold online - giving all those undiscovered chefs at home a chance to cook and sell food at their convenience, without going through the hassles of setting up a restaurant. You can see all this and more on Imly - what Airbnb did to hotel industry, they want to do it to the food industry! “I used to tell my mom that if she started selling the food she made for us she would make a fortune. That made me realize that she probably is not the only one o...

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A “double click” away to safety

February 28, 2014

The street was deserted and lonely with lamp posts serving as the only source of light. Walking as fast as she could and constantly watching her back, Sneha (name changed) couldn’t fathom her friend’s timing. “Ah, there you are,” he exclaimed as soon as she arrived at the institute’s research block.

She had some misunderstandings to sort and she couldn’t wait to get it out of the way. Even before she could speak a word, ...

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