Crossing out Cross Synergy

Construkt Festival – is about cross synergies. Sitting in the Construkt office, we are surrounded with diversity a feeding ground for Cross synergy

Its 7 people, 4 nationalities, college goers to parents, individuals whose resumes are distinct from their careers, lifestyles take speak of explorations, personalities that are difficult to capture under one label.

Cross Synergy, Cross Pollination, Multiple disciplinary approaches– these often used terms come in so many hues and meanings, that we decided to sit down and explain our perspective.

Construkt Festival is all about the ‘CREATOR’ – this is a person who lives a life based out of choice. Choosing to do the work they do, be the executors they are, chasing excellence in fields that engage them.

We believe cross synergy can come in various hues. In relative degrees and in various disguises. Our take on what we consider to be this fantastic space of convergences and collisions

The individual –  cross creator

This creator could be your next door neighbor who is a marathon runner, a mother, an designer in the graphic design firm, an awesome dancer, a cup cake maker and a food blogger.

Who is she? Actually? – A mother or a designer? A culinary artist ? Or a fitness freak ? More and more it’s common to see one person, being several persons all at the same time.

A label defies them, they are a cross –synergy box, living an unboxed life.

Construkt Festival is a place where ALL of you, every facet of you gets a chance to express. After all – A label does not fit all!

Experts Cross Creators

When experts across different verticals come together, to tackle a challenge, a vast idea pool is created. This is where expertise leads to diversity of opinions, ideas and perspectives. Cross pollination of ideas emerges and new approaches evolve

This is the space where experts from different domains come together to tackle one challenge, one issue and use varied approaches to solve it.  Apple – leveraged this exceptionally well

According to Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple, the key to creativity lied in exposing one’s self to the best creations and innovations by man and to bring them into our respective lines of work. He said that Apple borrowed ideas from musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians “who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world”, and with them came up with something completely new and out of the ordinary.

Construkt Convergence and Construkt Collisions  = our opening and closing ceremonies at the festival celebrate the expert based cross creations

Marriage of Disciplines

This is the third cross synergy format, where two worlds come together, marry their expertise to solve a problem collectively

For example –

The Transparent Chennai Project, which was founded by Nithya V. Raman, is a group which digitally mapped the slums of Chennai to help them get more attention by the city’s politicians and to help them focus on urban development in these areas. This idea of hers appealed to many on an international scale.

Technology of mapping, merged with the power of social impact to create impact that would not have been possible without the other

Or when the Delhi Multimodal Transportation System released a smartphone and Android app called “Telltail” to heighten women’s security within the city.  – Urban governance met with technology again.

Construkt Festival stands for these Creators. We believe that creators need communities to belong to, to thrive in, to bounce ideas with. We are creating these creator communities across 4 domains of social impact, culinary, technology and design.

We know that when communities come together, in a festival space, where ideas can be shared without judgment, where a helping hand is a conversation away, where knowledge and stories are there for sharing –   convergence happens, connections arise, connects are made. Creation is just a happenstance!

Construkt Fest – come be a part of this creative collision!