5 Reasons why you should stay in a community space in Bangalore.

Whenever you are travelling to a new city, the first option which comes up to your mind is hotels. There are so many options of hotels in Bangalore to select from. Apart from traditional hotel bookings, platforms like OYO at Trivago are on the surge. But what is changing is more and more people, especially millennial are seeking experiences rather than the comfort of a hotel. When you stay in a hotel, you are comfortable but alone and locked up in your room. Guests in a hotel don’t tend to talk to each other as well. But millennials seek networking, collaboration and community, which a hotel cannot provide. There are many co-living spaces and hostels in Bangalore, which are creating their communities which you should tap into whenever you are travelling next.


Here are some reasons why you should live in community space when you are travelling to Bangalore next time –

1. To grow your network – When you are living in a community space like a startup hostel or a co-living space, you meet people from who are at different stages of their career. From senior executives to entrepreneurs to designers to backpackers to travellers, there are all kind of people whom you can meet in such places. Discussions and networking are the norms there.

2. Collaboration – Community is a place where you can ask for any help you want either with your business needs or for your startups. In such spaces, you find many like-minded people who can share your passion. At Construkt, we have observed this many times, where our members collaborate on design or development of products, or even collaborate and start their enterprises.

3. To gain new Experiences – Everybody can learn from their own experiences, but smarter people learn from other’s experiences. Life is very short to experience everything on your own. And that’s where a community comes in the frame of life. Especially for business travellers, living with a community can play an immense role to enhance their learning curve.

4. To save money – One of the guests, who was in Bangalore to raise funds for his startup said that before coming to Bangalore, he was looking for options of hotels in Koramangala, which were little out of the budget. He also searched for 1bhk flats in Koramangala or some 2bhk apartments which he can combine as an office as well. But space like Construkt Startup Hostel provides a combination of co-living and co-working space at one place; which can be very cost effective for startups with a small team travelling to Bangalore.

5. To get fresh ideas or to get feedback on your ideas – Two best place to seek new ideas are first, shower and second, a community where there are people with different experiences. You can also share your ideas openly in a friendly environment and get many suggestions to improve and elaborate your ideas.

Do give community spaces a try whenever you are travelling next and let us know your experiences.