Construkt Festival Fact-sheet

March 19, 2014, construkt_admin

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festival 1.             Lets start with the basics. What exactly is the Construkt Festival? It’s a festive conference. It’s a space where we take the ‘serious learning’ of a conference and

Crawl Factsheet

March 18, 2014, construkt_admin

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festivals crawls. 1.         So what is a crawl? A crawl is chance to meet some amazing startups, companies, cafes, design houses and engage with them at their spaces and hear

Food for Thought

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Imagine this – let’s say you are out with someone you’ve just met. The restaurant you are in is exquisite and the food you’ve ordered looks delicious. The moment the person you are with starts eating, whether you realise it

3 fictional characters who teach us valuable entrepreneurial lessons

March 16, 2014, construkt_admin

Lateral thinking and capitalizing on the scenario – Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter franchise): Fred and George always displayed a flair for practical joke objects, much to their mother’s apprehension. Finally, they get funded by Harry who gave them

10 Qualities That Culinary Entrepreneurs Have in Common

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So you know a lot about food, are aware of ingredients from around the world, have a great set of knives and forks and are ready to conquer the culinary world. But do you have what all culinary entrepreneurs have

5 NGOs That Inspire Social Entrepreneurs

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In their bid to find innovate solutions for overarching social problems, social entrepreneurs are backed by several socially-conscious individuals and organizations. Here’s a list of five not-for-profit organizations that have been inspiring social entrepreneurs to create and sustain positive social

Confessions from a Technical Head at a Media Startup

March 10, 2014, construkt_admin

TheMediaAnt is about an year and a half old startup based out of Bangalore dealing in the media industry. It’s basically an online sales channel for media owners while at the same time a discovery platform, infact a marketplace for the

Happy in Bangalore

March 8, 2014, construkt_admin

Happy in Bangalore  

3D Printing, the new era

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We are witnessing the onset of a new era where everything is compared to the real life experience. The closer to reality the better. We have been bombarded with the concept of 3D since the movie AVATAR hit the theatres.

Some Wisdom from a Serial Entrepreneur

, construkt_admin

Kingsley Joseph is a startup enthusiast who has put his efforts into Digital Chocolate, TripThirsty, BiteMe and SalesForce. When I asked him to name one thing he liked about Startup Festival last year, he said, “I loved the Zumba y’all