The Great Big Tech Gap

March 7, 2014, construkt_admin

Jeff Hammerbacher, of Facebook fame, was quoted that “the best minds of [our] generation are thinking about how to make people click ads [and] that sucks.” And boy, does it suck. Ask any recent graduate here in Bangalore what their

Maraa: This is what change ‘sounds’ like

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A young media and arts collective, Maraa is transforming the way people consume Community Radio. Here they talk about their ideas, their work and the problems that they’ve faced, convincing people that the right to speech is as important as is your answer to homemade food

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We are used to going online and ordering food from restaurants. We are certainly not used to seeing homemade food sold online – giving all those undiscovered chefs at home a chance to cook and sell food at their convenience,

Like a rolling stone

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In conversation with the young artist, touted to have the best comic timing in town – Kenneth Sebastian. Tucking his hair behind his ears, his curly locks fall just above his shoulders. As I take a look at Kenneth Sebastian’s

The Tech Community

February 28, 2014, construkt_admin

Technology has been so embedded in our lives in the past 20 years that a whole new vocabulary has emerged to cater to it.  We wake up to alarms on our androids, check our mails on the phone, get our news

Launching – The MicroLaunch

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 Microlaunch is a platform for existing players – individuals, companies, social enterprises, design studios, musicians, restaurants etc. to announce that secret project/product/service/recipe/etc that you have been working on. Startup Festival 2013, the first instalment of LaunchPad was showcased. It was

What is Launchpad?

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Startup Festival 2013 launched 18 companies on stage as a part of its flagship program – Lauchpad. A chance for shortlisted startups to showcase themselves to the entrepreneurial ecosystem Amazing journeys we shared at the Launchpad alumini reunion a year

Meeting Ridingo

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Meeting with Mr. Vardhan Koshal, Co-founder of Ridingo Launchpad Alumini – 2013 A vibrant man with an easy flowing conversational style, there’s nothing not to like about Vardhan. Confident, articulate and wise, its evident that his tryst with entrepreneurial adversities

Our Design Community

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Design is the ability to visualise things that are not yet and bring them into being. It is the power to visualize creation. Design sits perched at the cusp of science and art. Today, design gurus have created subjects like design thinking that