Construkt at Social Media Week

February 28, 2014, construkt_admin

The drama first begins in Netherlands. All too soon, there is a red button placed in the middle of a shopping street with words “Push to add drama” hanging upside down. Before you know it, the music picks up, a

Why Culinary?

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If there is one community that’s forever changing, growing and reflecting where a society is heading it’s the space of culinary. From super markets to the fine dining experiences in a 5 star, from the neighbourhood café to the vegetable

Scream for some Ice(Soy)Cream

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As a psychology major, I’m going to take it upon myself to analyze why we don’t take to healthy foods like we do to something like chocolate or fried. It’s simple. We’ve been conditioned that way. All our lives we

A “double click” away to safety

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The street was deserted and lonely with lamp posts serving as the only source of light. Walking as fast as she could and constantly watching her back, Sneha (name changed) couldn’t fathom her friend’s timing. “Ah, there you are,” he

The changing face of Social Impact

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Not long ago, the Dubbawalas of Mumbai set out to feed hungry street children with their initiative ‘Share my Dubba’.  Soon after, a group of four individuals lit several lives in urban slum areas of Mumbai through ‘Jal Jyoti’. What

Creators- A lifelong thrill

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Have you ever had a “eureka moment”?  Where listlessness vanishes, energy comes, and you just get down to doing it. At the end, you look back and time has just flown by Often this happens when you are immersed in

Crossing out Cross Synergy

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Construkt Festival – is about cross synergies. Sitting in the Construkt office, we are surrounded with diversity a feeding ground for Cross synergy Its 7 people, 4 nationalities, college goers to parents, individuals whose resumes are distinct from their careers,

Startup to Construkt Festival

February 27, 2014, construkt_admin

Startup Festival started as a social experiment in 2013 to infuse celebration, fun and learning into the entrepreneurial space in Bangalore and to celebrate Bangalore as India’s Startup Capital. Being an entrepreneur is a proud feeling and none of the

Check Out the Official Construkt Festival Press Release!

February 20, 2014, construkt_admin

  Bangalore Energizes India’s Creators Creator community reconstructs Bangalore; city dreams beyond technology     Bangalore, 20 February 2014: Construkt Festival is a 4 day celebration of creators, an emerging community that thrives on colliding perspectives and creative intersections. Ranging