Construkt at Social Media Week

The drama first begins in Netherlands. All too soon, there is a red button placed in the middle of a shopping street with words “Push to add drama” hanging upside down. Before you know it, the music picks up, a man gets shot, and a whole set of people nearby are attacked. Even as you sit at the edge of your seat, biting your nails, wondering what is going to happen next, the dramatic surprise draws to an end. You realise everything was faux, set-up by none other than the American cable channel TNT.

Following an adrenaline-filled video by TNT, ears perked up with the audience gearing up for the third instalment of Social Media Week at Fava, Bangalore, hosted by the Construkt Festival. Donning a casual T-shirt and jeans, Sartaj Singh Anand, the guru of marketing at Construkt, began his presentation on activated marketing.

“Marketing is all about engaging value,” he said, highlighting the necessity to identify unmet and unexpressed needs of people. Turning to examples to support his argument, he pitted competitive brands such as Google and Apple; Coke and Pepsi, explaining how these brands sold benefits to their customers and not just products.

He went on to talk about The Golden circle of marketing: Why, What, and How. Concentrating on why companies succeeded, he stressed on how positioning a particular product in the market was important. He pointed out that activated marketing was all about “selling an experience to the customer”, referring to the TNT video.

Before ending the interactive session, Sarjat had three interesting tips to provide his audience. First, he emphasized on the importance of storytelling (picking themes and heroes that supported the story). Second, he pointed out how social media was essential in running any business.  According to him, it was imperative to keep it real. Third, continuing with the importance of social media, he concluded pointing out the transition from offline to digital media a company needed to take to succeed.

The third day of the Social Media Week had sessions ranging from the dos and don’ts of social media to content strategy for B2B marketplaces and the integration of mobile environment with social-media marketing. Other sessions on social media took place at Barleyz, City Bar, Hard Rock Café, and The Leela Palace.

The worldwide festival exploring the social, cultural, and economic impact of social media, opened grandly on February 17th at The Leela Palace. The five-day festival that is being held in seven cities simultaneously is based on the theme “social media for social change” this year.

With the Construkt festival (a global platform for all creators) having hosted speakers on Wednesday, the third day of Social Media Week, at Fava, the festival that is scheduled to take place between 20th and 23rd of March is touted to be bigger than ever.