Construkt Festival Fact-sheet

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festival

1.             Lets start with the basics. What exactly is the Construkt Festival?

It’s a festive conference.

It’s a space where we take the ‘serious learning’ of a conference and marry that to the ‘Informal festive atmosphere’ of a musical concert to give you a Festive Conference.

What you get is a platform where the informal spirit allows you to chat with your neighbor, conversations are easy and flip-flops mandatory.

Content has been curated to target entrepreneurs, creators and doers from 4 creative communities of Culinary, Social Impact, Makers and Hackers and Design.

2.             There seem to be a lot of things going on. Can someone explain what I need to do?

Here is how the 4 days are divided

March 20-21st 

Crawl – Your chance to be behind the scenes of 40+ organizations, NGO’s, cafes and meet the founders to know details of their stories. Slots are limited and you need to register to attend a crawl

For more details on this –

March 22-23rd

Festival Days  – Jaymahal Palace

9.00- 11.30 am                   Construkt Studio

Choose between 4 immersive workshops organized exclusively for you. Personal – in-depth- learning for your needs

11.30-12.30pm                 Opening Ceremony and Construkt Collision 

Gates open. An interactive 30 minutes, where we orchestrate you meeting new people. No awkwardness, no business cards, meet the real persons around you

12.45- 6.00p.m.                  Construkt Communities Sessions

The festival grounds have 3 large tents each dedicated to 1 of our Creative Community – Technology, Design, Culinary (day 1) and Social Impact (day 2)

In each tent, there will be community speaker talks, panel discussions, performances and micro-launches. Mixed up and presented so there is constant action taking place.

6.00pm- 8.00 pm                  The Big Top

Key Note, Construkt Convergence & Launchpad

The tents pack up for the day, as the sun sets all actions comes to the ONE BIG STAGE. Designers, programmers, activists, social entrepreneurs, culinary enthusiasts culminate to share a common vision and encourage 4 startups to launch themselves to success

8.00 pm -10.00pm              Construkt Crescendo

Time to rock, laugh, dance and perform. Live performances to end everyday.  Expect performances from Blues Consciousness. Tallavantam, and the Construkt Crescendo Collective

3.             How does one move from session to session

 When you enter the festival, you shall get a pocket agenda telling you what is happening in each of the tents. If you like the sound of a session in the Culinary tent – just dive in! If you wanna get to know something about Marketing an App- walk-in!

Its your chance to get a sneak peek into 4 different worlds, all at one go!

4.             Right, time for some simple logistics

Venue Crawl Days

March 20-21st the days begin as per your chosen crawl schedule. All you need to do is show your ticket and Id card at the time of entering the crawl – A mobile ticket is fine.

Venue Festival Days

All the action is at Jaymahal Palace. Link to map is here –


Parking has been arranged at Funworld and Cantonment Station. It’s a short walk away and saves you the terrible headache of manoeuvring your car into small parking slots. 

We encourage you to use public transport, Ridingo (ride sharing) or Uber as parking is limited

Registration at the Event

Just get your ticket to the box office, show us your id and get your pass. The pass is a wrist band that you shall have on for the duration for the festival – for both days!!! So don’t take it off

If you have a day pass, the wrist band shall be vaild for a day ie Saturday or Sunday.

5.             What you need to get with you                 

Lets see, other than one smile, a beer for us and a yoga mat to sit on – can’t think of much. Ok.ok. Here are something’s tips that can come handy.

  • Dress casual – no no to business suits and formals. Enjoy summer and dress summer. Casual shorts, flip flops, sunglasses and sunscreen. Dress beach, we shall get you the vibe to match it!
  • Carry something to take notes on – Tablet, notebook, paints whatever gets you going
  • Your phone. Your camera- Lots of awesome pictures to be taken – what with the flea markets, the kitsch mandi, the art installations going on live- Get shot, shoot. Make it loud
  • Get your business cards – or a memento. Something for the others to remember you by
  • Food & Drinks –  Feel free to carry your own picnic basket. Feel free to buy grub from our food stalls – that have a variety from salads, to quick bites, to hot meals, to rolls, to Chinese, to Coffees, juices, deserts,  at very nominal rates.

Or .. Feel free to convince the celebrity chef to cook you a meal. Eat, drink and be merry. Life is better that way! 

6.             So who is performing in the evening?

Construkt Crescendo gets you a lineup to vie for. Stay on till the wee end, the music will make you CELEBRATE the happiness of the day

March 22nd

20:00 – 20:45 – The Humming Tree collective : Sulk Station + Schizophonic + The Storm Factory + Vandana Menon

21:00 – 22:00 – Blues Conscience

March 23rd

18:00 – 18:45 – Thaalavattam – Drum Circle

20:30 – 21:15 – Thaalavattam – Performance


RHL Music — Electronica

Prashanth Pallemoni — Afrobeat

The Storm Factory Movement Art + Live music (Fearless exerpt)

Mahesh Raghunandan – Acoustic