Construkt Main Festival – Design Tent (Day 3) Summary – CC 1

1)      Construkt Studio – Storyfying Design
By Jacob Mathew, Damjan Obal, Shriya Kariappa

Have you ever thought of designing your story idea with right innovation and inspiration? Well, we learnt that here today. To design a story one needs to have a proper theme, with a theory that can be projected to the world. The speakers with this thought divided the participants into groups with a briefing of what to do, how to do, & why to do it. Each group worked on their briefs and designed theirs plans while brainstorming ideas with constant help from the speakers/mentors. After designing and ideating, they came up with an innovative story design. All the groups were excellent with ideas and thoughts. But in the end, only one group stood out. Surely, their ideas were designed with a story.


2)      Corporations for Intrapreneurs – Sandeep Sridhar

Do we have a purpose? Are we passionate enough to chase our dreams? Well, if it is intrapreneurship, you got to be driven by an idea and enthusiasm. Cooperation along with entrepreneurship makes intrapreneurship, a great tool for innovation. By retaining the best talent along with being lean & agile, will make people harness the ideas and energy they have in a positive direction. Entrepreneurship, culture, and innovation, 1/3rd of each, along with mobilizing talent and ideas which will set up a formal process. Intrapreneurship will teach you to think radically and also to redefine ideas with an approach of doing things differently. We need to create a learning zone where there will be stimulating spaces with rewards and encouragement, even if they fail. “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried enough”. To innovate we need to create a passion to pursue our dreams.


3)      Mentor Session – Start ups
Start up! Yes, we have, in some point or the other, thought of starting a venture. That start up can be about consumer electronics, internet enterprise, data analytics, social; infrastructure, customer delight, etc. We think of start ups, we need to project that idea, while searching for an investor, so that one gets the value out of that venture.
We need to come to a certain stage of confidence, where we know projecting the idea will be validating. One needs to be committed to that idea and get positive vibes about that project one always dreams of, was what Somnath Choudhary and team said.
Start up! Business to business or business to consumer?
Well, B2B venture is an oppurtunity where one customer can help you build a company, and it is also like a sales pitch. However, B2C  venture will be customers enquired by money like “bringing a lottery ticket” and its more of a marketing pitch.

Now, after choosing B to B, B to C, we came to know how to make an idea viral. The answer to this was simple. We just need to use the platforms that are available in a sensible way. We need to go after an idea that has value proposition and an exit plan. The basic of a startup is to do what you are doing at present, finish it and then go for the next venture. We should know where the gap is for our next idea to be projected. Moreover, we should always interact because our present customers may give us idea for our next venture.

4)      Fine Art of Revolution-  Speaker Alicia

Construkt Designing team brought in Alicia for speaking on Fine Arts. She was the one to go out with poster campaigns, video campaigns. Her paintings were also sent to different parts of the country; street arts were also done.

Alicia’s session was much interactive. She has done oilpaintings, and she is now a freelancer. She recently has 43000 facebook fan followers. She thinks that to be happy, one needs to see someone else happy too. Her famous ‘pink chaddi’ campaigns went viral in net.

She says that one should not be like Sita because that makes one fall into trouble, rather be like Durga. She wants every entrepreneur to pick his own platform, respond and connect, update and schedule, link it, interact, enjoy it.

Making yourself a public figure is hard, but the minute you work hard, love what you do, get sure of what you are doing, you can do what you want and be famous. That’s the mantra of success.

5)      Open Innovation:  Speakers -Jyotsna, Anjana, Deepta, Sateesh, Poonam, Will

It’s about contemplating one’s role and using capacity of networks to find a way and make a solution possible. We need to be collaborative, creative and exciting to be innovative. We’ve got to have a broad  perspective and think differently to create something new that is valuable to everyone. We need to have a developed design and skill set for people to have a broad perspective about their dreams. We need to incorporate feedback in a way that will accomplish collaboration while incorporating feedback, co-creating an idea that everyone will love. People need to have that zeal in themselves to create something new and motivating people to work together.

Open innovation is about nurturing creativity, pushing the boundaries, being exciting. People need to be dynamic and align themselves with innovation by seeing something bigger than themselves. People need to be content and open and inculcate participation from everyone. People got to be creative and share resources with everyone. Openness creates possibilities but we need to be eccentric to win.

– Mahasweta Pal. (No. 4 – “Fine Art of Revolution” by Subhalagna Dey.)