Construkt Main Festival – Design Tent (Day 4) Summary – CC 1

The day started with a workshop conducted by WishBerry’s Anshulika Dubey with Go Fund Yourself.

She started the session by introducing crowd funding, pitching for their idea so that they get funded. Crowd will fund an idea if it is deserving, and interesting. To be crowd funded one needs to connect with and understand the audience.

Then Tune into the Future (Music Business) talked about music as an art, so it should be respected. People need to value music. Well, this event is about music and the current market of musicians and their art.
Manojna Yeluri started the panel discussion by asking a simple question of whether musicians are willing to pay for their music, or they want it to be free. The panellists discussed that musicians should set a standard for their music, and we need to credit them for their skill. Credibility is what matters, so, playing ones heart out is what is necessary & important. Music is about artistic satisfaction, so if the musician is happy with his music, he should be confident that there will be an audience.
The next interesting event was Thinking Ahead of the Curve, which started with questions like can Indians think ahead of innovation? If, yes, then how? What is India’s classic business innovation? Is India’s population an asset or liability? These are the few questions that were thrown to the audience to dwell upon.
The global benchmark is quality. As for example, with mobility, how to be ahead of the curve?
People need to have the understanding of the market and take a leap of faith while taking the right risks and make a difference on the way. So, in this perception based country, we need to move forward, even if we fail, we take that in our stride, and think ahead.

With ‘Importance of Design’, the audience had an interesting event. A proper design is needed to reach a target audience. Design helps us to create something new. Consumers judge a brand, logo, company in a matter of seconds. So, the first look always matters. People judge by the brand, so design should be prioritized always.

As their case study, they changed Wishberry’s design and logo, so presently they have more customers than a year back. This rebranding increased Wishberry’s user base by 10 times. Designs make people see things differently, and will have a different approach and everyone will try to be a part of your organization.

He ended his session with a quote “Good designs are expensive. Start ups are bloody broke.”


– Mahasweta Pal