Construkt Main Festival – Culinary Tent (Day 3) Summary – CC 2

March 22- The Culinary Stage

The Construkt festival on 22nd March 2014 kicked off with “The Daily Dump” – Turn things around Triathon that was packed with information and created awareness among the crowd. The volunteers demonstrated the types of wastes, their segregation techniques and how it can dealt better with our little effort. It was a fun episode with games of waste management that won people prizes.

The next session was by Sandesh Reddy, who inspired the audience with his story of how his commitment got him to where he wanted.  How he got into his dream of baking and cooking fighting many barriers was enlightening enough to keep the audience glued to their seats. Sessions like Cooking up Creativity, BP-Brewing Adventures and Micro launch was informative and entertaining for the audience.

Live Jam Ice-Cream Demo was an animatedly interesting session because Sandesh Reddy, the baking expert showed the audience how to make ice cream in five minutes and people got to taste it as well. (They confess it as too yummy). There was also a cocktail alchemy session that got the audience crazy with the different coloured cocktails filled in the glasses that made a beautiful monument kind of structure. It was also adorned with few flowers to complete the look. It made the audience hoot with excitement.

Restaurantrepreneurs was a session n which four cooking wizards Xerxes Bodhanwala, Riyaaz Almani, Yogesh Mokashi and Sandesh Reddy shared their experiences in the culinary sector. The audience had an active question and answer session with them. The next session about Branded food Startups was also an interactive session with the audience. After the session, people got free goodies to taste and understand the new flavours. The crowd was too excited and eager to try out new delicacies available in the startup stalls.

As the day came to an end, they all look contented with what the first day of Contrukt had in store for them.

– Malavika Babu