Construkt Main Festival – Technology Tent (Day 4) Summary – CC 3

  1. Session: Maker Futures

Speakers: Sugathri Kolluru and Jabali Searcot of Ludo Designs

In a time when innovation is the need of the hour, Sugathri Kolluru and Jabali Searcot have only just begun to come up with exciting and useful product ideas at their start up called Ludo Designs.

From a clock that has a heart rate monitor and can tell you how healthy you are, to a projector built out of the parts found in a cheap phone, targeted at schools, Ludo designs have come up with a number of innovative ideas.

Now, 3D printing is taking over the world, with a number of different printers in the market. And creators Sugathri Kolluru and Jabal Searcot have come up with their unique 3D printer “Cookies”, priced at a very affordable $50 , available at This printer is small enough to be attached to your latptop and uses the processing power of a laptop camera to capture images. Their product was also well-received by the audience, who wanted more details on how exactly the printer worked.


  1. Session: Bangalore Rises

Speakers: Niranjan Salimath, co-founder of Haggle Inc, and Gautam Mago, a Principal with Sequoia Capital

Where is Bangalore on the timeline of development? Is Bangalore truly innovative enough to keep up with the real Silicon Valley? What do we need to get there?

These are just some of the questions that were addressed by Niranjan Salimath, co-founder of Haggle Inc, and Gautam Mago, a Principal with Sequoia Capital, at an intense session at Construkt on Sunday afternoon. Peppered with Dark Knight references, the session had the audience tweeting their agreement with the panelist ideas.

One of the biggest take-aways of the session was the agreement that Bangalore was still lurking in the shadow of the IT capital. Said Niranjan, “We’re not trying to disrupt or innovate yet”. Another astounding fact publicised was that India does not even rank in the top 10 Trademark apps of 2013. One of the ways to bridge this gap, said Niranjan, was to begin at the educational stages. Gautam agreed, saying that Bangalore had the potential to build great products. The audience too, nodded along with this sentiment, ending the session on a positive high.


  1. Session: Wearable Tech Ecosystem in India



The last session of the day in the tech tent, and clearly one of the most popular, was the session on the wearable tech ecosystem in India. The speakers considered every angle of the current IoT situation as it is now and how it is set to move the future.

One of the main points discussed was how start-ups have a great future in the area, with larger players like Intel willing to invest in their unique ideas and innovations. Design is growing in leaps and bounds, and with fresher players coming into the field, the entire environment will change with their unique perspective. “Within the next 12-24 months, we can see a reasonable amount of these devices coming into the market” said Narendra Bhandari, Director at Intel.

Some of the sectors the industry is going to focus on are retail, transportation, safety, energy management and cars. The future for wearable tech and IoT is looking bright.

– Tia Raina.