Crawl Factsheet

A quick factsheet with all the details for Construkt Festivals crawls.

1.         So what is a crawl?

A crawl is chance to meet some amazing startups, companies, cafes, design houses and engage with them at their spaces and hear their stories.

We have over 40 companies, across the spaces of Culinary, Design, Social Impact and Technology willing to engage with you and share personal details of how they made it up the ladder of success.

Detailed list of crawl companies is here- 

2.         Where are the crawls taking place?

Date Time Area Crawl Locations & Directions
March 20th 10.00-3.00 pm Koramangla
March 20th 3.00-8.00pm Indiranagar
March 21st 10.00-3.00pm J.P.Nagar and Jaynagar
March 21st 3.00pm- 8.00pm Central Area (Ulsoor, Mg. Road, Richmond road and Palace Grounds)


3.     How do I register? 

Here is a simple step wise process to get access to your favorite crawls

Step 1 –          Buy your 4-day pass. Only the 4-day pass holders are allowed to join the crawl. On purchase of the ticket your email id will be added to sched (our scheduling app) and you will get a mail asking you to register for the crawls

Step 2 –           Register for the crawls that you want to attend. We strongly recommend that you choose no more than 4 crawls/day to ensure a good experience for you and for you to have sufficient time to network

Step 3 –           On March 20th and 21st land up at the Crawls you have registered for. Use the CityNaksha links provided above for exact addresses, location on the map, directions and if required contact numbers.

 4.         What do I carry with me for the crawl? 

Well along with your open mind, carry a hard- or softcopy of your ticket and an id proof. If you have got a student ticket remember to carry your student id card.

Other than that, it’s a good idea to carry a notepad or tablet to take notes if you want and your phone to tweet and join our twitter discussions.            

5.     How do I move from one crawl to the other?

While we have provided – on sched – ideal parking locations near every Crawl Location, we recommend using public transportation. If you use your own vehicle, try out Ridingo our official ridesharing partner!

Construkt Festival does not provide transportation between Crawls.

6.   Can I go for a crawl that I have not registered for?

The crawls are filling up faaaaaasssssstttttt. For this reason, those who have pre-registered on sched for the crawl are allowed to enter first. If the crawls still have capacity then you could enter too.  Just register, it will be easier.  

If you are waitlisted for a Crawl, you can go to the Crawl Location and hope that you still get a seat, but as it is first-come, first-serve, we cannot guarantee that you get in.

7. How do I end my Crawl Day?

On March 20th the last Crawl takes place at The Humming Tree. Even if you do not get a spot for those Crawls, you could head over there and celebrate with other Crawlers.