Creators- A lifelong thrill

Have you ever had a “eureka moment”?  Where listlessness vanishes, energy comes, and you just get down to doing it. At the end, you look back and time has just flown by

Often this happens when you are immersed in something, immersed  in creating ‘it’, building ‘it’, cook ‘it’, writing ‘it’, doing ‘it’, sharing ‘it’, performing ‘it’,solving ‘it’,  learn it, -where the ‘it’ could be a solving sudeko, to making that dreaded public speech, to convincing that VC ‘it; stands for the hurdle, the newness, the challenges that you have crossed

And when that does happen -haven’t  you felt the need to tell the world  that you created something?

It feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Down from the solar cookers we made in our schools, to a new presentation, making something – does  things. A sense of pride comes, a deep feeling of accomplishment

Creating ‘it’ generally begins with one or multiple sources of inspiration. Soon after, ideas begin to flow. The journey to materialise these ideas take off. Hurdles along the way are tackled with. Steps are taken to achieve the vision. Before you know it, you would have created something.

With an inspiring vision to create something and the passion to achieve it, a creator needn’t be from the artistic world. It is the desire to experiment and learn that sets creators apart from others. The act of creation is therefore unique.

Ah. Creative people – that tribe. I like them from a distance, the ones who have that artist type streak. You see thats not me, I am not that creative. Maybe as a child I had that streak, tired to learn the guitar, but now have lost touch…

Creative and Creator. Similar words. Different Worlds

A tribe of creators is unique. They live with conviction. Passion drives their life. Optimism fuels their soul. Belief is their tool. Creators know its possible.

This tribe isn’t sitting somewhere else, but lurks amongst you. Is you!

A Creator is the chef of your local café, experimenting with a new cupcake. It is that app developer, hidden in the large MNC. It is that coder who designed the health tracking software. It is that person next door, who walked at Freedom Park demonstrating against the archaic lays against homosexuality. It is the designer, who created comic strip the new blockbuster. The doodler, the instagramer, the next door fashion diva, the professor who infused life in a class, the music jammer, the you who challenged himself and created!

The world of creators is large, including people who don’t necessarily identify with “Startup” or “Entrepreneur”, even though they’re brilliant creators and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Over the course of years, several people have touted to have experienced the power of creation. David Lynch, for instance, is not only a legendary when it comes to cinema, but has also let his creativity explore photography, painting, song writing, and more.

Mark Newson, one of the most influential designers today, stands out among his contemporaries because of his approach to design. There are several others who fall in line with David Lynch and Mark Newson.

In order to be a creator, you don’t have to have a set of attributes that define you. It is only imperative to believe in your goal.

Construkt festival, believes in the power of creators. It believes that every creator needs a community to thrive, to learn from, to share with. We believe that creator communities need space to express

We believe time has come that Creative Communities across the spaces of Social Impact, Culinary, Makers and Hackers, and Designers to come together

We are a global platform for creators like you to thrive, share, and learn. You could be an artist, activist, chef, scientist, coder, or a craftsman – we believe that you are a creator. The four-day festival helps you unlearn, open up to ideas across domains, converse, and construct.

Construkt Festival gives you the space to grow, emerge with synergies, have a perspective and make connections. This is your community to create, share, build networks, and carve out your own future.

Come construkt.