A hackpacker’s way of achieving everything he/she wants in 2018


Are you a hackpacker?


Ok! before asking you this, let me describe who a hackpacker is. A person who is always on the move, in a philosophical sense, and never tires before he reaches his destination. An artist, an entrepreneur, freelancer or a digital nomad, who has taken upon himself/herself to make this world a better place brick by brick. And also, a hackpacker never repeats same ideas over and over and continuously learn and grows with his/her experiences. Gettit?


So, are you a hackpacker?
If yes, then let me tell you how a hackpacker should plan his new year, and how he can accomplish all his new year resolutions.


  1. Always be self-reliant and never confuse time logged with output
Hackpackers are the ones who accomplish there work on time, irrespective of the circumstances. They never give excuses. They can handle setting their own deadlines and still be very aggressive with their workloads as they know the importance of the goals they have set for themselves. Make your working relationships to be based more on deliverables than the number of hours you are contributing towards the work.


Focus on hitting goals and milestone to create more trust compared to following the traditional management style of checking in multiple times a day.


  1. Consistently grow your skills and experiences
Hackpackers don’t stop ever at one achievement. They set up another goal after they have accomplished one. They never stop. And what makes them achieve goals after other is acquiring skills constantly. Skills are learned not just by enrolling yourself in any course, but by always experimenting and trying new kinds of stuff, travelling the roads less travelled. After all, the experiences you gain in the process sets your perspective to take many points of views into account while making successful business decisions.


  1. Avoid unproductive meeting 
Or meet people Digitally and avoid everyone’s time in commuting. And let’s bite on the fact that cities like Bangalore are getting overcrowded and people are wasting at least 30% of their productive work hours in commuting. So why not have more meetings on Skype of Google Duo or even Facebook Messenger. This doesn’t, just, saves commute time but also allow people to be more flexible and productive at the same time. “Whether the person delivering the result is sitting in an office behind his or her desk or from a sunny tropical destination – why should it matter?” says Mitchell Weijerman, founder of Nomad Accelerator.
Also, avoid meetings, if you can do away with sending memos or texts.


  1. Don’t fall into the trap of a schedule. 
Or set your own schedule. Though for entrepreneurs and freelancers, alike, what counts more is the results and finishing the tasks well in advance then waiting for the end of the deadlines. You know what is better than waiting for the end of a deadline is waiting for the world to end. A set schedule does not allow the flexibility that a hackpacker needs, and tends to be counterproductive. Do not set up a schedule but be flexible as per your to-do lists.