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We are used to going online and ordering food from restaurants. We are certainly not used to seeing homemade food sold online – giving all those undiscovered chefs at home a chance to cook and sell food at their convenience, without going through the hassles of setting up a restaurant. You can see all this and more on Imly – what Airbnb did to hotel industry, they want to do it to the food industry!

“I used to tell my mom that if she started selling the food she made for us she would make a fortune. That made me realize that she probably is not the only one out there who has something great to offer but doesn’t know how to make business out of this skill. That was the inspiration behind starting Imly. The name also comes from her Imly chutney which is quite famous amongst her friends and family,” says Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder, Imly.

Wondering what he’s really talking about?

To put it simply, if you are a student and crib about the quality of food in your hostel/PG accommodation, a professional with working hours that don’t allow you to enjoy homemade food? Lying sick in your bed, alone and wishing for some ghar ka khaana? Love cooking and want to share it with the world? Don’t have the resources to open a full scale food joint but you always wished you could do something from home?

Your mummy/daddy/sister/brother/aunty/uncle/daadi/naani conjure those mouthwatering delicacies you cook?

Then, is the place for you.

Imly is an online web platform for people who love home made food – eating it as well as selling it. Launched in June 2013, this website has broken the stereotype of just restaurant chains and food joints go online with their menus and sell food. A respite for those who have no choice but eat those oily, spicy food which fill their tummy but is unhealthy on so many levels.

The founders of this cool venture are Abhishek Singh, Pavan Mishra and Manish Kansara. Abhishek has a Bachelor’s in Management Studies from HR College in Mumbai, a self taught designer and programmer, he handles the front end and design side of Imly. Pavan has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology in Mumbai and has worked with several startups in the past and is the tech mastermind behind Imly. While Manish is a developer based in Mumbai, an ex-stock trader with a rekindled passion for programming. 

Imly pays great attention to the need of the chefs who set up shop on the website, right from setting up to deciding their maximum limit to giving them an option to run at their convenience. All these facilities are available at no cost. For all the foodies they can order as per their needs and availability, choosing from the nearest chefs in the area. It is currently operational in 10 cities across India, even though Mumbai is their stronghold.

“We built Imly so that chefs anywhere, irrespective of their location, can get up and running in minutes. What Airbnb did to the hotel industry, we want to do to the food industry. Question is, can we be the Airbnb of food five years from now? That’s our real challenge,” said Abhishek.

For all of the foodies, it is nothing less than heaven on earth – Being able to eat healthy, sumptuous meals is all that you could ask for. And all those hidden talents sitting at home, this is your chance to get discovered!


Aditi Mishra

Aditi Mishra is a freelance writer withCampus Diaries