Launching – The MicroLaunch

 Microlaunch is a platform for existing players – individuals, companies, social enterprises, design studios, musicians, restaurants etc. to announce that secret project/product/service/recipe/etc that you have been working on.

Startup Festival 2013, the first instalment of LaunchPad was showcased. It was a platform for 18 startups to launch. It was such an overwhelming success that we were forced to think, “What next? What more?”

So this year, we decided to take the challenge one notch up.

Microlaunch is your space to unveil on stage, under the spotlight, to a packed audience your brand new offering. Are you a change maker who’s come up with an innovative model for social betterment? Are you a company scheduling to unveil a new product? Or are you a Brewery trying to launch a new line of beverages? This is the stage for you.

Why would you want to do that?

Construkt Festival as an environment, and MicroLaunch as a programme bring together:

(i) Creative communities and your opportunity to engage with them.
(ii) Ideas for you to benefit from cross synergy
(iii) Media publicity and Brand traction
(iv) Live feedback to the launch from interdisciplinary experts.

We are going to shortlist 2 micro launches across each of our 4 domains –

So what are you waiting for – Apply now