Meeting Ridingo

Meeting with Mr. Vardhan Koshal, Co-founder of Ridingo
Launchpad Alumini – 2013

A vibrant man with an easy flowing conversational style, there’s nothing not to like about Vardhan. Confident, articulate and wise, its evident that his tryst with entrepreneurial adversities and triumphs have left a mark.

1.  The pre-LaunchPad story?

Vardhan was troubled by the shortcomings and the wastage in the current commuting system. He along with Srivatsan Mohan, his partner in crime, decided to quit his job and start work on their venture called

2. What does Ridingo do?

Ridingo is an initiative aimed at helping people share rides to and from office thereby reducing pollution, traffic, and wastage of time and resources.

3. How was the initial response for Ridingo?

It immediately drew major attention with Forbes, Outlook and DNA covering it. They won the iDream Business Plan competition with the Ridingo model. They also got a lot of eyeballs at Startup Weekender with which Vardhan was also associated professionally. It was on this high that they arrived at Startup Festival, Construkt’s predecessor.

4. How were you received at LaunchPad?

At Launchpad, the platform for Startups to showcase themselves, Vardhan got an overwhelming applause for their brainchild. The fact that the whos who of the Bangalore eco system appreciated his business model, accepted the idea and saw viability in it gave him the mental encouragement and validation that he was on the right track. Getting feedback is easy, Getting it from the people who matter – difficult and nerve wracking.

 5. What do you have to say about Launchpad’s impact?

He says that the social elements present at Launchpad, and Startup Festival by extension were connecting the community in a far-reaching way. This exposure can go a long way in the placement of a venture. He says that the contacts he made at Startup Festival along with the feedback he got from experts was the most valuable takeaway for him.

 6. What is the post-Launchpad story?

After the initial traction, the wave subsided. Pilot launches revealed that there were some glitches in the missed-call model they had begun with. As of now the firm has figured out a new solution to address the problem. They are poised to launch version 2 of the solution. The market buzz is still strong and they are excited to see how the Pilot 2 fares

7. As an entrepreneur, what can you look to for assurance/reassurance?

“There’s never any assurance but validation comes from different sources” he says, “And such validation is important when you’re uncertain as an entrepreneur.”

8. Finally, a message for any LaunchPad aspirants/ people contemplating Launchpad this year?

He thinks for a while and draws back to say, ”Despite there being VC’s and Angels in the score amidst the community, you shouldn’t be there for that.

If you’re good, then you’ll get funding. It’s that simple,” he stresses “What you should be looking for is the opportunity of pitching your idea in front of a diverse crowd of thinkers along with the opportunity of an Accelerator programme.

These condition you to test your idea’s limits and adapt. Clarity of thought in such situations only comes from being in them enough.”

LaunchPad is back bigger and better this year. If you want to launch your company at Construkt Festival.

 Deadline for applications March 6th, 2014.