Our Design Community

Design is the ability to visualise things that are not yet and bring them into being.

It is the power to visualize creation.

Design sits perched at the cusp of science and art. Today, design gurus have created subjects like design thinking that blends in empathy, creativity and rationality to our perspective

But at the core what is design?

It is about aesthetics?
Is it about aesthetics and functionality
Or is it about aesthetic, functionality that lends itself to product market fit?

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum doesn’t like to be called an entrepreneur, even though he created a massively successful messaging company.

Koum thinks the word entrepreneurship is for people who create businesses to make money. He says it’s more fitting for people who sold web companies in the 1990s and are now creating mobile apps. Koum says he just wanted to build a great product, not find wealth. He thinks it’s “silly” when people compare founders like himself to rock stars.

This is design. To create a effective, sleek solution to a problem
Design, simply put, is a way of thinking.

In this context of a thinking revolution based on design principles, it is important to understand what design means. To us. And for us.

 “Design is not just how it looks like and how it feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs.

An important feature of a design revolution is that it changes the way people think about the respective sphere/discipline and its uses. The iPhone forever changed the way we think about phones. After the Whatsapp invasion, we can never again think about paying for IM. The Kinect transformed our perspective of indoor vs outdoor gaming.

The Construkt Festival aims at creating an on ground, grass root level of convergence and collisions between creators across all walks of life. It’s a celebration of creative convergence

The fest seeks to delve into answering some questions relevant in the design space

 How is the industry as it is poised today, gearing up to face the changing needs of new media, art, music and story telling?
How are we to change our business models to allow for creativity to stem from the ground?
When does design thinking enter schools?
What are the model for exploration for talent and grooming them?

Making Design relevant for you! At Construkt Festival

On a serious note – Design as a domain of work and play is one which is very close to our hearts here at Construkt. From storytelling to game  storming, we love experimenting with every possible facet of Design.

This festival is a call out to every creator out there fascinated with design. In all its glorious forms: visual, auditory, textual, mathematical, logical, artistic, philosophical and countless other respects.

Come Construkt.