Scream for some Ice(Soy)Cream

As a psychology major, I’m going to take it upon myself to analyze why we don’t take to healthy foods like we do to something like chocolate or fried. It’s simple. We’ve been conditioned that way. All our lives we have witnessed how children, adolescents and young people repel the idea and consumption of vegetables and we also imbibe this information.

But, it could also be because junk food just tastes so much better.

I’m sure that almost everyone is conscious of the massive westernization we are exposed to, be it in our social setting, occupation as well as lifestyle. This obviously means following similar work patterns, sedentary lifestyles and food habits.

And our sedentary lifestyles has brought in the noble calling of healthy eating. Having said that, Soya seems to be quite the super hero amongst the health foods. Because, it can save you from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, menopause syndrome and hormonal imbalances!

But, there’s just one problem. It doesn’t taste as awesome as its health benefits.

With India being a land of diverse delicacies, it’s unsurprising to find that Indians generally do not indulge in food that’s not tasty. But, 23-year-old, Reeti Purohit, might just have the solution to this notorious, little, Indian clause! She’s been studying Food and Nutrition through her undergrad and postgrad (MSc in Food Processing and Preservation) from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai aaaand she’s come up with HEALTH FOOD which is disguised as JUNK FOOD!

Sounds revolutionary right?! My thoughts exactly. She has developed a recipe for ice cream using soy milk! And while talking to her, I came to know helluva lot about soya so much that I’m contemplating trying it out (sic).

Reeti says that soya based products are relatively new to the Indian lifestyle because India’s food concept has always revolved around taste and constantly viewed as a family ritual that brings about happiness by satiating appetites. True that. Soy is quite the rage in the Foreign, but it hasn’t quite caught the fancy of us alike, as you must gave gathered above, yet. Even Reeti told me not to ever try Soy milk because it’s far from delectable. Because like I had said earlier, taste is the deal breaker in our romantic relationship with food

Which is why companies like Staeta, which helped Reeti finance her project on the Soy Ice cream, are finding ways to beat the untastiness of soy and make it more digestible. They’re resorting to pretty delectable solutions, like adding really strong flavours to eclipse the taste of soy!

How long did it take to make it though? 8 long tedious hours. The continuous need to tweak ingredients and quantities, she says, although was quite trying, she wishes to take this research forward for her PhD.

Her disclaimer though is: Soy Ice Cream is not as nutritious as soy milk and soya bean because of the additional ingredients, but it is still healthier than most of the other foods you consume.  Also, for people who are lactose intolerant (Reeti says that statiscally, nearly 50% of India’s population is lactose intolerant, it’s just that they’re not aware of it), Soy Milk can be your new best friend.

In fact, if you study further you’ll be convinced that the movement of “Eat healthy. Live healthy” is picking up India. Today, we have more information on health and nutrition at our fingertips than ever before through the various media and cultures we are exposed to. And it’s not just the Mailaka Arora flaunting her yummy mummy status, it’s even us youngsters who feel the urge to look good in front of the mirror for the many sassy ghagra cholis and baggy pants. Looks like health foods are very gradually becoming the new “cool”. Very gradually.


Shravanthi Venkatesh