Startup to Construkt Festival

Startup Festival started as a social experiment in 2013 to infuse celebration, fun and learning into the entrepreneurial space in Bangalore and to celebrate Bangalore as India’s Startup Capital.

Being an entrepreneur is a proud feeling and none of the platforms reflected this inner spirit of being alive.

There was an unmet need to unleash oneself from the formal, straight-jacketed conferences, for passive audiences to become active participants. Startup Festival choose to create a platform where the individuals were actively learning, sharing, creating all while being themselves.

The festival struck a nerve. In a short span of 4 days it created a community of creators that attracted

5000+ Attendees
100+ Rockstar Presenters
18 Startups that Launched
50 Startup Partners
100+ Art Startups
500 Founders
15+ Nationalities
120+ Events
50+ Venues.

And left us awestruck.

We sat back and reflected. Seeking to understand what this ‘nerve’ was that the festival had struck. Gradually clarity dawned.

Startups were not about technology, but about creation. It was the power of a person who stood up and decided to risk. It was about choosing to build, to shape an idea from thoughts to reality.

We realized that creators are unique. They are a tribe of people who dare to live with conviction, building their futures with passionate belief. We know that linking creators creates communities that cross-pollinate energies and thoughts.

We believe that every creator needs a community to thrive, to share, to learn and grow.

Presenting in 2014 – the Construkt Festival.

Aiming at celebrating the core spirit of creation across geographies, across domains, across age. Creating creator communities one city at a time. Consciously curating a platform where experts converge, disciplines meet, ideas collide, learning’s are unlearnt, newness emerge, visions clash and creative sparks fly.

Construkt Festival is a global platform for entrepreneurs: artists, activists, chefs, scientists, coders, craftsmen and you!

Breaking away from the singular tech mould and focusing on the trendiest spaces of

  • Culinary
  • Design, Arts and Media
  • Makers, Hackers & Tech
  • Social Impact

It is a Celebration. Of Creation. Of Collisions. Of Convergence.