The Tech Community

Technology has been so embedded in our lives in the past 20 years that a whole new vocabulary has emerged to cater to it.  We wake up to alarms on our androids, check our mails on the phone, get our news on our tablets, like stuff on facebook, head to work listening to a podcast and skype with our co founder sitting on another continent, without a second thought.

This is our everyday.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Clarke’s Third Law.

Construkt Festival salutes the magic of the Makers and Hacker Community.  We know that this is the ‘core’ behind our modern lives, our business, our social engagements, our charities, our food. Tech is everywhere. And everything. So who does “Technology” relate to? Or more importantly, what is technology?


Technology is a space of creators. Creators who from nothing, type out strings of codes and programs or mechanize and automate things, make it foolproof and create something where nothing existed. It requires the created system to be foolproof. So it gets obsessive. And addictive. You get used to creating systems and hacking them, making life easier. This gets to be a lifestyle gradually

Construkt Festival welcomes all the creative Hackers and Makers to come engage, interact and meet other enthusiast from the tech space. Whether you’re a coder, an engineer, an electronics expert, a gamer or a hardware pundit, come mingle, brainstorm and ideate with people who share your passion for the future.

Come immerse yourself in a festival which celebrates the power of expertise and the potential of synergies. See how you can help an activist leverage icloud to post data. Learn from a designer the value of free wheeling ideation.

Break down your silos. Build new conversations. Enjoy the feeling of a carnival, engage in easy conversations. Sit down and have chai, jam a new tune create a new tool. It’s all possible. All you have to do is – Come create, Come Construkt