Why Culinary?

If there is one community that’s forever changing, growing and reflecting where a society is heading it’s the space of culinary. From super markets to the fine dining experiences in a 5 star, from the neighbourhood café to the vegetable cart seller – a huge transition redifining food has hit India.

A transition that has impacted every single stakeholder in the eco system. Organic farming is gradually changing the farming landscape. Food processing has altered the kinds of packaged food available. Super markets, hyper markets, online grocery markets, have changed how we shop and what we buy.  Zomatoes have altered eating out, Food Panda’s have changed how we choose where to eat and the range in eating out- is global, local, organic, sattvik, American,  fusion – name it and its there

Back in the 80’s the Indian palette was specifically familiar with 3 typical cuisines – Indian, Continental and Chinese. Our vegetables came from the local markets or cart-vendors, western breakfast was bread & Kissan jam and Nestle products were revered since it was an international brand.

How things have changed

Organic food is an upcoming trend in the culinary fields. Set ups like Namdhari and Brown tree have gained a lot of preference and popularity. We also have online grocery stores, and our supermarkets are stacked with varieties of gourmet foods, and broccoli, celery, lettuce are regularly spotted at homes.

Chais addas have given way to specialised breweries ,tea and coffee houses, Cafés like Matteo and Tea houses like Infinitea (in Calcutta and Bangalore) and Tea Grove are the “Go to” places. Microbreweries like Biere club, Toit and Arbor have gained quite the approval from different segments of society.

The internet has made the world that much smaller and has made multi-cuisine cooking accessible to our homes. All we have to do is take a recipe off the net and follow the instructions and Voila! You have your own rendition of Nigella’s Chocolate Fudge Cake, a foodgasm and a tangible piece of happiness staring right back at you.

Food blogs have gained a lot popularity over the recent past. If you have a way with words, then becoming a food critic has become a very viable option as a source of alternate income. We also have Apps and Websites like Zomato and Burp which have involved the public in determining the popularity of a restaurants, restobars and cafes and which gives us food and restaurant reviews while we’re on the go.

We don’t just go out to eat anymore, we go out to dine.

We at Construkt recognise the innumerable possibilities that lie in the culinary field. It is a field with infinite possibilities. Possessing the ability to create something tasty and fabulous is an art! It’s a field that’s fluid and dynamic with immense scope for innovation.

Construkt brings together a confluence of people from different vocations and communities, developing a conducive atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and thoughts. A chance to interact with be cafe runners, chefs, chain managers, food retailers, super markets, supply chain and critics. Or you could just meet people who understand and love cooking, eating, drinking and making merry just as much as you.

Come Cook. Come Learn. Come Share.
Come show off your culinary skills

Come Construkt!